Mark Owens
Newest Nashville Star, Lead Singer Mark Owens and his live band is starting to get some real recognition for their unique blend of Country music and style that is a mixture between pop rock and the more traditional country music. Mark Owens is one of the most important songwriters to surface in many decades. The first time I heard Them play and vocals by Mark, it brought tears to my eyes and chills all over. What a wonderful story he tells in his music about heartbreaks and life. His ability to tell a story in his songwriting reminds me a lot Kris Kristofferson and voice of a younger George Strait. Mark Owens performances are so spectacular in venues that He could be this generation Hank.

Follow along with me as I introduce you to a name that I believe we will be hearing for decades to come.... Mark Owens.

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Contacts: 1-870-403-4423
Producer: 1-615-329-2199
Address: 1024 17th Ave South Nashville, Tennessee
Fan Mail: 1511 Caddo Dr. Bismarck, Arkansas